Map Design : Textures

Using textures in your maps is a good way to create interesting designs and extra depth to your terrain. Depending on what program you are using you can usually use the PaintBucket tool and apply different textures to different sections of your map.

To extract the texture bitmaps from the .zip archives, download & install WinRar from or WinZip from

Further instructions for using these textures will be available in the Map Making guide which regrettably is still under construction. TAZ CHAMP CaLxKFx SamxTHBx n/a Vahagn jamesbond n/a RopeR n/a

If you would like to include some of your textures in this list and make them available to new map designers & old, send in your textures via email attachment to me at ..
Make sure you include a Web-Site address (if you have one) and your wormnet name in your email.

If you require something to be changed on this list you can also contact me at the afore mentioned email address.