Submission details:
  • Send in any worms related files to me at
  • Include your WormNet name in your post so i know who created the map or file.
  • Make sure you attach your file(s) to your message as .zip or even as .bit (terrain file type).
  • Avoid sending large .bmp files! - If you want to send bmp's zip them up first!

  • Important:
  • Before submitting your map it would help us if you could change it's file name..

  •      When we add maps to the sfx database we change the name of a map so that it looks like this:
         (note: you don't have to do this but it would help us alot).

         Author Name _ Map Name & Type .bit

         The result would turn out like this: dOgMa_CogRoper.BIT

  • When you send in a Map or File, it gets evaluated and tested by me.

  •      If there are parts of a map that i think could be improved i always
         try my best to reply via email with some help and suggestions.

  • Any map updates, changes or modifications can and should be re-submitted.