Installation Guide.
This install guide covers the general methods of installing common files related to Worms Armageddon and Worms World Party. [ note: this guide is still under some construction and will include further information regarding other installation procedures later ].

Worms:Armageddon Map Install.
1. Once you have downloaded the .zip files from the sfx maps pages, you need to extract the .bit terrain files using an archival program such as WinRar or WinZip. [Install one of these programs].
2. Then, extract maps into   .. \ Worms Armageddon \ User \ SavedLevels \
3. You can now load maps from the Worms:Armageddon Map Editor. Start W:A and select the top-right menu option "Play a Single or Multi-Player game". Example Img:
4. Now, you should see a small yellow map preview at the Top-Left of the screen which may look something like the example pic. Right click on this image to move into the Map Editor screen..
5. Once you have accessed the Editor, you can use drop down box to load any maps that are stored in your SavedLevels directory. Here's a preview of the Map Editor (in a Screenshot Window) which explains where and what features are available to you.

WWP - Mission Install.
1. Extract the missions to the directory   .. \ Worms World Party \ User \ missions \
You can download WinRar or WinZip to do so.
2. You can now preview a mission by loading WWP and choosing the top - right button. Here's an example of it: Single or Multiplayer..
3. Cycle through the buttons: Mulitplayer Missions,
Game options & User Multiplayer Missions.
User Multiplayer Missions
4. From the list (center left of your screen) select a mission via the RED buttons:
Read the authors comments and choose your teams, now hit the Start sign.

Installing & using schemes.
1. If you have downloaded schemes (.wsc files) that are zipped up & compressed in .zip files or you have downloaded them from our files page, extact them...
2. with WinRar or WinZip to  .. \ Worms Armageddon \ User \ Schemes \
3. Now when you host a game or play a hotseat game you can select a scheme from the drop-down box:
Scheme Selection Box

4. Now you can Left Click to open this drop-down box and Left Click again on a scheme to select it. DropDown Box

Using SoundBanks
1. Usually a Worms SoundBank will arrive in a .zip file, with approx 58 files inside.
When you download the .zip file save it directly to   .. \ Worms Armageddon \ User \ Speech \

3. Now use the Explorer FileManager and navigate to the Speech directory.
If WinRar or WinZip is installed, extract the .zip file to a new directory under the "speech" directory. The most simplest way to do this is by right clicking the .zip file & choosing "extract to folder..."
4. So for example, you downloaded the soundbank "" you should have the new soundbank .wav files in something like this:

  .. \ Worms Armageddon \ User \ Speech \ Creepy

SoundBank/Speech Directory

5. From this point, you can load up Worms, edit your team data, and change your soundbank to the corresponding directory name, like in this example: SoundBank/Speech Directory