SFX Links
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Official Wormy Sites & Clan Leagues:
Official T17 Forums: forum.team17.com
W:A Official Site wa.team17.com
Clan League 2000 www.cl2k.org

Misc. Worm Sites:
DarkOnes RR Tutorials www../darkonemaps/tutorials.html
HHC's JetPackRacers www.angelfire../wormsjet/
Blame The Pixel www.blamethepixel.com/
triX Worms & Misc. www.trixfiles.co.uk
Worms Tutorial Site! www.worms.onlyhere.net
ThePageOfLight pobox.com/~skeet/worms/wa
Dodgymat's Site www.dodgymat.com/
Djoszee's Worms Page www.geocities.com/djoszee1/

Wormy Clans:
Contra Clan contraclan.topcities.com/
Delicious Revolution deliciousrevolution.cjb.net/
The Fake Clan tfc.mkv25.net
Clan GIT www.gitclan.co.uk/
Clan MWC www.clanmwc.co.uk
Pot Smokers United drink.to/psu
Clan WCD www.wcdclan.com
Whacky Wild Wormers www.wwwclan.de


If you want your site added here, ask on the SfX boards at CL2K or Email / PM / IM an SfX member. But if your site is a rip or not very good then you are not likely at all to get linked to.

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